Walking Well Carmarthenshire is an initiative which aims to encourage people of all ages and abilities to take advantage of the physical, social and mental health benefits offered by walking in groups of like-minded people. It does this by setting up Walking Well Carmarthenshire Walking Groups around the County.

Walking Well groups aim to fill in the gaps that exist in the availability of walking opportunities in Carmarthenshire. Walks are designed to suit the particular abilities of the members and usually start as strolls, moving on to gentle walks as fitness levels improve. As walkers get more experienced, they may also wish to participate in the more serious walks offered by Ramblers and others, but this is completely optional and all are welcome to stay with their Walking Well group for as long as they wish.

Each Group is led by a Group Leader assisted by a number of fully trained walk leaders. All group and walk leaders are trained in leading health walks and also have completed an appropriate First Aid Course delivered by British Red Cross.

Walking Well Carmarthenshire is co-ordinated by volunteer Andy Kurzfeld with the support of Group and Walk Leaders across the County. Seven groups have been set up so far –  two in Llanelli and one in each of St Clears, Gorslas, Carmarthen and Whitland with the addition of a Wildlife Walks Group.  The project is supported by grants from the National Lottery and Let’s Walk Cymru.

For further information see the Walking Well Carmarthenshire website at www.walkingwellcarmarthenshire.org.uk




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